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What are the 6 Essential Nutrients?

It is wise for everyone to understand some principles of nutrition that can enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle. As you will find out shortly, what are the 6 essential nutrients that have specific  functions in our body, how they keep us full of energy, muscular and hale and hearty. In this blog, we’ll also be able to learn about some superfoods and how to make sure we get our daily nutrients in.

Let me tell you which nutrients are used for energy production.


Definition and Importance

Let’s first look at the definition and importance of Carbohydrates. Actually carbohydrates as we all know serve as the main energy source for our body. They are then decomposed into what is termed as glucose which can be used to fuel our body cells, tissues, and organs. Many people suggest that carbohydrates are essential in our body in order to fully perform physically and mentally.

Types of Carbohydrates

There are two types of Carbohydrate: the former refers to the structure while the latter refers to the levels or tiers of a program. Compare, for example, complex carbohydrates as found in vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereal, and noodles with simple carbohydrates like candy or soda which only quickly gives energy but does not have the nutrients needed by the body. Consuming foods high in complex carbohydrates such as whole grain products and vegetables ensures release of energy in a sustained manner and they are densely nutritious.

Sources of Carbohydrates

Replace the White rice, bread, and pasta with their whole grain counterparts, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are the best source of carbohydrates required for the day. Subsequently, a super food to consider is Irish Sea Moss, which is very rich in essential carbohydrates and offers so many other nutritional benefits.


Definition and Importance

Now, let’s look at the definition and importance of proteins. Proteins are important building blocks in growth, and in the repair of tissues all over the body. It performs a very significant function in synthesizing muscles, repairing body tissues and manufacturing enzymes and hormones.

Sources of Proteins

Let’s learn about sources of Protein that can be obtained from both the animal derived products and the vegetative derived products. We should eat lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and try to incorporate a lot of beans and legumes. Fantastic sources of protein are superfoods such as Black Maca that are well known for giving energy; Yellow Maca is also a great one.

Proteins in Milk

The nutrient not present in Milk in response to the question, which of the following nutrients is not present in Milk? It is a good source of protein and calcium and nutrients but it does not contain dietary fiber.


Definition and Importance

Fat intake is essential for purposes of energy reserves, as a protective shield to the organs and for the emulsification of vitamins. Arguably, the incorporation of healthy fats in the dietary plan is very important.

Sources of Healthy Fats

Get fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, and fish products that are good for you. Other superfoods like Moringa and African Baobab are also excellent sources of healthful fats and offer other nutritional benefits.


Definition and Importance

Vitamins are substances which play a role in the metabolism of the human body and are also involved in carrying out some functions such as immune response, building body tissues, and provision of energy. They are different from one another, and their absence from the diet is followed by certain consequences and illnesses.

Sources of Vitamins

To meet your vitamin requirements, you should consume foods such as fruits, vegetables and foods that are enriched with vitamins. Some nutritious ingredients to incorporate for a higher kick include Rosella which contains vitamin C and antioxidants.


Definition and Importance

These are naturally occurring nutrients that are made of inorganic compounds and are required by the body for it to work correctly. They are also required in bone formation, muscle contraction, and maintaining good levels of body fluid.

Sources of Minerals

Vitamin C rich products include dairy products, leafy greens, nuts and seeds which are rich in minerals. There are some superfoods necessary for human health, for instance, Moringa and Irish Sea Moss that have high amounts of minerals in their nutrition profiles.


Definition and Importance

Water is a most essential constituent of the human body as it is required by all cells and organs. Digestion of food including absorption of nutrients as well as elimination of waste products from our body. The health importance of water cannot be under-emphasized due to the many roles it plays in the body.

Sources of Water

Apart from taking water, you can also quench your thirst through taking fruits and vegetables that contain water such as cucumbers, watermelons among others. One should not forget to take water as often as possible in the day or at least take regular and frequent meals.

Major Components of Health

Let me mention some major components of health for you understanding.

Physical Health

The three components – food, exercise, and rest – are the building blocks for physical health. See to it that you take your vitamin supplements with six important nutrients that will help strengthen your body.

Mental Health

Diet has a considerable effect on health and the condition of the brain. As part of a well-rounded diet, certain foods can combat stress and negative emotions and enhance problem-solving and memory abilities.

Social Health

Taking food together with members of the family as well as making friends is better for your social well being. Eating well and happily enhances interaction and relieves social stresses concerning relationships with sustenance.

Environmental Health

Eating a sustainable meal is not only important for the internal organ health but for the outer environment as well. Use of fresh, local and organic foods and inclusion of certain superfoods like Moringa, Black Maca, Yellow Maca, African Baobab, Rosella and Irish Sea Moss can help in making our lifestyles more sustainable.


Six essential nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water – must therefore be included in the human diet in order to enhance the body’s wellbeing. These are foods needed for growth. Thus, using the necessary recipe or list of ingredients, you can manage to meet the nutritional value a day and use the necessary superfoods. Continue observing your diet and making better choices; here’s to a healthier you and the process!


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