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Important Benefits of Maca Root for Females

Hey there, health enthusiasts! There’s a great likelihood that if you have been reading on and researching the huge array of nutrition products that nature has to offer, you have come across the term ‘Maca Root’. I have also covered this in my previous blog. This little plant comes from the high Plateau of Peru where it has been used for thousands of years and it is back with a bang for offering such great health benefits. This article explores the benefits of maca root for females, making it a valuable addition to their healthy lifestyle plans due to its effectiveness.

Maca root looks like a big radish and is a hearty plant that can grow in harsh, extreme conditions,” says integrative medicine doctor Karen Koffler, M.D., from Coral Gables, Florida. “You have to appreciate a plant that can withstand harsh conditions—it’s an indicator of how it can help us when consumed.”

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Women, we all are aware of the fact that our hormones keep on fluctuating like a particular journey of a train. It goes without saying that maca root is the solution. And why do I say this, I will provide the evidence for this later in the article. Perhaps one of the highest discussed issues concerning maca root and females is balance of hormones. Unlike hormone treatments made in labs, maca is a natural way for the endocrine system to function. This can be a change in how menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings are dealt with. It also alleviates pain associated with premenstrual syndrome and other menstrual conditions. Quite astonishing.

Key Points:-

  • Supports the endocrine system.
  • Reduces menopausal symptoms.

Registered naturopathic doctor Cassie Wilder, N.D.  recommends maca most often to women in perimenopause or menopause. “What scientific literature shows is that Maca supports the body during this stage of life without changing estrogen levels,” she says.

  • It reduces premenstrual stress and helps in balancing the menstruation cycle.

Maca root may become your best sidekick if you are on a road to creating your clan. Historically it has been used for helping women to get pregnant. The reason? This should be kept in balance and Maca does it by balancing hormones essential for reproduction. It has been mentioned in some studies and is supported by a lot of personal experiences that taking it can increase the likelihood of pregnancy by helping maintain the health of your reproductive system.

Key Points:

  • It improves the level of hormones in the body for reproduction.
  • Supports reproductive health.
  • Supported by ancient folkloric knowledge and some scientific studies.

Let’s talk about libido. In some cases, a woman may not feel sexual desire for several reasons, including hormonal fluctuations, stress, or tiredness. Another benefit of maca root is its ability to enhance sexuality and sexual activity. It is a very effective method in order to rekindle the fire without any chemical interventions.

Boosting libido is one of maca’s most well-known properties, a connection established by numerous scientific studies. “Maca has been said to have aphrodisiac properties and, again, this is without changing hormone levels,” says Dr. Wilder, adding that this response could be related to maca’s link to lowering stress, helping with mood and a subtle energy boost.

Key Points:

  • Boosts sexual desire.
  • It also improves sexual function.
  • May help protect against sex drive loss from hormonal fluctuations or stress.

In need of a good nap or a strong coffee? Maca root has been found to possess the intervention of an adaptogen which is responsible for boosting energy in the body. It is ideal for those days when you have so little time and yet you want an extra boost of energy. It is therefore not surprising that most athletes and busy professionals like it.

Key Points:

  • The characterization of adaptogenic properties helps in stress management in the body.
  • Provides additional energy and maintains high activities levels.
  • South American fruit is known as a great energy booster among sportsmen and people with active schedules.

If you think maca just aids in enhancing your body then you are wrong because maca helps in nurturing your brain as well. Maca root powder also helps to reduce anxiety and depression by supporting and balancing hormones produced by the adrenal glands. If your problem is the instability of emotions or mood swings, then maca is the product that can become your perfect assistant.

Key Points:

  • Supports adrenal health.
  • Improves anxiousness and despair signs and symptoms.
  • Enhances the stability of the moods and emotions.

Even maca root contains a high percentage of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc which all play essential roles in the formation and strengthening of bones. This will be important especially to the post menopausal women who have a high risk of having osteoporosis. Consuming maca will make it easier for your bones to be strong and healthy.

Maca helps make bones harder,” explains Dr. Wilder, adding that this trait is particularly noteworthy because women lose bone density as they age. “This is not to say that maca can be consumed in place of vitamin D or calcium—which are crucial for bone health—but there is still a connection there.”

Key Points:

  • High in Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.
  • Supports strong bones.
  • They are used to prevent and treat bone density loss especially in post-menopausal women.

The antioxidants in this boost the immune system and protect the skin from aging caused by free radicals. Maca provides essential vitamins B, C, E, zinc, iron, and selenium, contributing to skin moisture and health. Maca could potentially reduce acne occurrence by suppressing sebum production.

Key Points:

  • Helps reduce hormonal acne.
  • Supports overall skin health.
  • May alleviate conditions that affect skin tone and texture.

Recent research further indicates that maca root may promote brain functioning and memory. This can be especially helpful with aging, as developing brain fog can be detrimental to our brains. Other benefits of Maca root powder due its adaptogenic nature is its potential in fighting brain degeneration.

Maca is an adaptogenic herb, and something all adaptogens have in common is that they can help the body manage environmental stress, explains Pooja Amy Shah, M.D., a New York-based integrative and functional medicine physician and assistant professor at Columbia University. “Adaptogens have long been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, but they’re experiencing a renaissance [in the West],” she says.

Key Points:

  • Aids brain and nervous system health and memory and brain performance.
  • Keeps the mind sharp by providing essential vitamins and minerals.
  • May act as an anti-ageing agent and protect against cognitive decline.

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But how can you get these and other benefits? It’s not complicated to use the maca powder every day. Here are some simple ways to do it:

Smoothies: Mix a teaspoon of maca powder with your morning smoothie if you need an energy boost.

Coffee: Add a pinch of maca powder to your coffee for a healthier variation.

Oatmeal: Add maca powder to your oatmeal or plain yogurt.

Baked Goods: Add a teaspoon of maca powder into your baked products.

Key Points:

  • Convenient to use by simply mixing with different food and beverages.
  • Offers a vegetarian addition to your regular meal.

Nevertheless, some negative effects and prohibitions should be kept in mind as regards maca root. Some side effects might include digestive uneasiness or insomnia in a few customers if they consume maca for the first time. It is therefore very important that one should seek the advice of a health provider before incorporating the maca in one’s regime. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with existing conditions are of exceptionally increased importance when it comes to this issue.

Key Points:

  • Some of the mentioned side effects are stomach discomfort and insomnia.
  • Suitable for use only by adults that are above 18 years of age.
  • Read the warnings if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have certain health conditions.

Maca root is a potent food item with a range of beneficial impacts on women in regards to the endocrine system and fertility, sexual performance and function, and even bone health. Therefore if you add maca to your body fitness will assist you in promoting your general health. 

If you want to learn more about Maca Root you can read that here. Women start your first step to better health today and get your Maca root powder from our store.