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Plant-Based Superfoods vs. Traditional Supplements: Which Is Better?”

Plant-based foods are the ones that are extracted directly from nature, food items that are rich in vitamins and minerals and are present in pure form are plant-based superfoods. On the other hand, traditional supplements are herbal medicines that were discovered a long time ago. People believe that traditional supplements have great healing properties. The important thing is that plant-based superfoods are quite different from traditional supplements, and also they improve health in different ways.

Processed and Unprocessed Foods

Let’s begin with why processed foods are not at all good for our health. Processed food contains refined elements that enhance the taste of the food but are extremely bad for our health. Processed health drinks or foods also have no goodness, this is because processed food contains huge amounts of sugar, salt or sodium, fat, and artificial color that leads to serious health issues like obesity, low immunity, heart diseases, and many more. Thus, unprocessed foods work best for our health and benefit us with various types of nutrients.

Plant-Based Superfoods

Plant-based superfoods are the best natural source of food. They are unprocessed foods with no added sugar or artificial colors. Additionally, these foods are whole and rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that lift your metabolism. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, seeds, and nuts are true plant-based sources of food.

The contents of dietary fibers are high in superfoods. Fibre are plant foods that our body does not digest but they help improve our gut health, regulating blood sugar and digestion.
Another important thing that is contained in superfoods is phytonutrients. Phytonutrients or phytochemicals are nothing but antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial compounds that a human body needs which reduces the risk of various chronic diseases, like arthritis, etc.

The two major reasons why everyone should opt for plant-based superfoods are firstly, they achieve a low carbon footprint compared to other animal-based food items, i.e. the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, plant-based superfoods are considered by many people to be not just healthy but tasty as well.

Traditional Supplements

Traditional supplements have huge health benefits, it is appropriate to take in the perfect amount as it fulfills the nutrient gaps in our daily diet. Often people with nutrient deficiencies cannot find out where they lack nutrients or necessary minerals, taking herbal or traditional supplements helps in filling the specified nutrients.

Few target specific health issues like vitamin D supplements for bone health, and vitamin C boosting the immune system.

Traditional supplements have a longer shelf-life than plant-based foods and are also suitable for long-term storage.

Plant-Based Superfoods vs. Traditional Supplements

When it comes to plant-based superfoods one does not need any dietitian or expert to take but taking traditional supplements requires guidance. Every food either in small amounts or huge requires guidance but traditional foods need to be taken during a specific time which is easily guided by professionals.

Additionally, traditional supplements can be at times hoaxes. The true supplements are replaced by chemicals or artificial elements. Only branded and trusted companies provide true traditional supplements. On the other hand, plant-based supplements have no such issues with any fruit, seeds or vegetables washed properly and take benefits in great ways.

Another major issue about traditional supplements is they can be expensive and regularly taking in might not be cost-effective.

Thus, we can fairly conclude that traditional supplements are great but it has major drawbacks like it’s not cost-effective or the true elements in them might lack in a few brands. These issues are not found in plant-based superfoods and they also provide the whole nutrients.

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