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15 Staple Foods to Make Healthy Eating Easy All Week Long

Staple foods are extremely vital when it comes to nutrition and should always be in the kitchen for easier preparation of meals. If, for example, you are seeking breakfast meal ideas for the whole week or you are wondering what is the staple food and how it can be used, who would provide you with notes. Here, in this blog we will look at 15 staple foods to make healthy eating easy all week long for you and guarantee that you always have healthy ingredients at hand. 

What is Staple Food?  

Staple foods are a category of foods that are mostly used in preparation of meals, they are essential foods. Such are foods we take and depend on daily as a source of energy or basic food stuff. Different societies might have different definitions for staple food but such foods include rice, beans, and pasta. These are usually cheap food products that do not complicate matters when it comes to storage, and are very usable in so many dishes. 

Benefits of Having Grocery Staples for Healthy Eating 

Maintaining certain stocks of groceries that can be used in the preparation of healthy meals can go a long way in making meal preparation faster. It guarantees that you are prepared all the time to prepare a healthy meal in case you do not have time rather than buying unhealthy convenience foods. Staple foods are typically such foods for which vitamins, minerals, nutrients required for a healthy body are rich and usually consumed daily. 

15 Staple Foods for a Healthy Week

1. Whole Grains 

 – Examples: Whole grain cereals and brown rice, quinoa and whole grain bread 

 – Benefits: Contains fiber, it does not make you get hungry soon, and it is very good for digestion. 

 2. Beans and Legumes 

 – Examples: Black beans, lentils, chick pea 

 – Benefits: Rich in protein and fiber that helps control hunger, and improve the digestive system. 

 3. Fresh Vegetables 

 – Examples: cooked spinach, carrots, bell peppers 

 – Benefits: This is food that is packed with vitamins and minerals which are very essential when it comes to the health of the people. 

 4. Fruits 

 – Examples: APPLES Banana Berries 

 – Benefits: The greatest organic sweeteners and provider of other nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants. 

 5. Lean Proteins 

 – Examples: Poultry: chicken breast; turkey; soy: tofu 

 – Benefits: Factors that are instrumental in rebuilding and increasing the mass of muscles to keep you fit and healthy. 

 6. Nuts and Seeds 


 – Benefits: Free of grains or dairy and contain nuts and seeds for healthy fats, and a rich protein source. 

 7. Dairy or Dairy Alternatives 

 – Examples: Such foods include; Greek yogurt, almond milk, cheese 

 – Benefits: Immediate positive effects of yogurt are that it has a lot of calcium which is essential for the bones and it contains probiotics that help the tummy. 

 8. Eggs 

 – Benefits: Filled with protein and rather versatile meaning they can be fitted into any meal plan of the day. 

 9. Oats 

 – Benefits: Best for breakfast but rich in fiber to assist in making you have a full stomach throughout the day. 

 10. Canned Fish 

 – Examples: Tuna, salmon 

 – Benefits: Efficient way to get omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy for hearts and brains. 

 11. Herbs and Spices 

 – Examples: As for the spices, it is possible to use basil, turmeric, and garlic. 

 – Benefits: Contribute to enhancing the taste of various dishes without the addition of calories and also, it has numerous benefits to the body health. 

 12. Healthy Oils 

 – Examples: Some of the types of cooking oil include; Olive oil Coconut oil 

 – Benefits: Vital for cooking and general well being, containing necessary fatty acids. 

 13. Sweet Potatoes 

 – Benefits: A mass of vitamins and contains more of the complex carbohydrates with much energy. 

 14. Frozen Vegetables 

 – Benefits: They are versatile and dense in nutrients and it is easy to incorporate the veggies in every meal. 

 15. Whole Grain Pasta 

 – Benefits: It is convenient to make and compared with refined pasta, it is healthier since it contains higher fiber and nutrients. 

Easy meals using staple food

 These staple foods would help in planning what you need to eat – kind of making your meals easy to plan. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  •  Breakfast: Berry & chia seed oatmeal for breakfast. 
  •  Lunch: It will be like quinoa salad plus some chickpeas and fresh vegetables. 
  •  Dinner: I want a plate of grilled chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli. 
  •  Snacks: Honey with almond and Greek yogurt. 

Sounds yummy and healthy.

 Tips for Stocking Up on Staples 

 You can make a shopping list of these staple foods to make your work easy, you will be assured of having all the ingredients for healthy foods. Here are some tips: 

  •  Buy in Bulk: To save money and time by frequently clicking to buy the grocery products, one should be in a habit of buying foods in large quantities such as rice, beans, and nut. 
  •  Store Properly: Tidy your pantry and try to pack foods in containers that do not allow air to get in as this would help in preserving the various foods. 

The importance of having staple foods is that it means once one has stocked up with a number of such foods they are able to have healthy foods all the time. Introducing these 15 grocery must-haves into your meal plan means you will be posting yourself for a healthy food preparation for the week. Start including these foods in your list of foods to buy today and be on your way to eating a healthy diet.


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